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LPG Homeheat is your local family-run independent supplier of LPG in the Teesside area.

LPG Homeheat is proud to have over 75 years experience in providing the very best possible customer service, value and safety.

By choosing LPG Homeheat to look after your home heating requirements in the Teesside area, you can enjoy all the benefits of mains gas delivered straight to your home.

To start enjoying the benefits that come from being an LPG Homeheat customer view our page on switching suppliers.

If you are unsure whether you are within our delivery area, please contact us to discuss with a member of our team.


LPG Homeheat, Teesside, Taking better care of you…

To find out how you can switch supplier to LPG Homeheat, contact us by e-mail or speak to one of our friendly LPG Homeheat team on 01423 770 793.

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